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History of Beneteau 1884-2010

130 Years of BENETEAU

The BENETEAU adventure began more than a century ago on the quays of Croix-de-Vie in Vendée, France. For more than 130 Years, the core of the boatyard's profession has been innovation and a passion for yachting.

In the beginning there was a catalyst and a vision. Then came the building, which crossed over many and kindled considerable energy and risk taking. From the first sardine boat to the latest Monte Carlo, the shipbuilding tradition has considerably advanced the technologies and expertise of our company. To this day, Benjamin Bénéteau’s pioneering spirit still stands as the strongest driving force behind our 2,500 co-workers.

Today, more than 100,000 BENETEAU yachts have sailed the seas of the world. Our growing number of keen owners, share the same values of performance, modernity, safety and respect at the helm.

Beneteau Beneteau


Benjamin Bénéteau, a fully qualified shipbuilder, founds the Bénéteau boatyard in Croix de Vie (Vendée) to build trawlers for fishermen.


Ahead of his time, Benjamin Bénéteau launches the first engine-powered boat. Christened the "vainqueur des jaloux" or conqueror of the jealous, it generates fear among the local communities, who accuse the "oil boat" of scaring the fish away.


Benjamin Bénéteau's son, André Bénéteau, takes over the managemet of the family boatyard at the age of 21.


André Bénéteau builds "Le Jeannot" and, in 1930, symbolizing the speed that he wants to give his boats, he christens it "Poursuivante" or Pursuer.


Just after the war, the entire fishing fleet needs to be rebuilt. Determined to take his boats forwards, André creates "bridges" fitted with a helm.


In response to the region's new fishing methods, "l’Antigone" is the first boat created for tuna fishing with live bait, with a forecastle for storing the freshly caught sardines.



With the third generation of the family, Annette Bénéteau Roux, her brother André and her husband Louis-Claude Roux diversify Bénéteau's activity to include recreational boats and introduce the use of fibreglass in boat building.


Bénéteau exhibits at the Paris Boat Show for the first time, launching an innovative concept - "Pêches Promenades" - with a range of boats designed for fishing and pleasure cruises.


The Boatyards innovate and launch new models: "Forban" and "Galion" achieve great success. The concept is simple: making the pleasure of sportfishing more accessible with high production volumes.


"Baroudeur" offers pleasure cruisers a new cruising style. The fishing cruiser concept, which Bénéteau goes on to develop throughout the 70s, is suited to all publics. With its cabin, the Baroudeur now offers the possibility for living on board. A dream of escape that is open to everyone.


Designed by André Bénéteau, Evasion 32 takes the builder into a new era. The first Bénéteau boat with two masts, it is more luxurious, more spacious, quite simply more "yachtish".


With its far more planing hull, Antarès represents a genuine revolution at Bénéteau.



André Bénéteau, the father, creates one of his most beautiful boats: "Astrobale". This pinnace is the last in the long series produced by Bénéteau since the end of the 19th century.


Bénéteau unveils the Firts 30, a boat designed by André Mauric, the first in a seies of models that will turn the First into an all-time classic.


Designed by the Argentinian architect, German Frers, the "First 42" is one of the most competitive and stable sailboats of its time.


Bénéteau becomes the world's leading builder of sail boats thanks to the success of the First, and in particular of the legendary First 30.


Bénéteau celebrates its centennial and goes public on the Paris Stock Exchange's Second Market.


Bénéteau opens a new plant in Marion, South Carolina, marking the launch of production in the United States.



Designed by Philippe Briand, Océanis, christened in this way because it is "built for the high seas", is also suited to the pleasures of coastal cruising. A blend of two talents, the designer Philippe Starck and the architect Jean Berret, the First 35.5 innovates through its performance and its aesthetic design.


Bénéteau widens its scope of activity:
- In yachts and boats, by marking its first acquisition in taking control of Construction Navale Bordeaux (CNB). This shipyard, opened in 1987 by Dieter K.Gust, was specialised in large aluminium sail boats and rapid passenger powerboats.
- In commercial fishing by acquiring Chanteris Gendron at Herbaudière (Noirmoutier).


Bénéteau launches the first O'Hara mobile home that rapidly sets the stantard in the open-air accomodation industry.


Chantiers Jeanneau, a builder of pleasure boats founded by Henri Jeanneau at Les Herbiers in 1963, joins Bénéteau. This is also the year that Microcar (licence-exempt vehicles) and Lagoon (catamarans) join the group.

Beneteau Beneteau


Wauquiez founded in 1965 by Henri Wauquiez, joins the Group, which also takes over activities building semi-custom sail boats.


The group starts up two new service subsidiaries, European Yacht Brokerage (EYB) and SGB Finance.


Work begins on the construction of the Group's new head office at Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, home of Bénéteau since its foundation.


BENETEAU celebrates its 120 th anniversary in St Gilles Croix de Vie.


Change of the company management style in a Management Board and a Supervisory Board.
Creation of the Beneteau Fondation.



The company Idéale Résidence Mobile (IRM) joins the Bénéteau Group, further strengthening its Leisure Homes business.


Microcar SAS and Wauquiez SAS are sold off, while the Group develops its business on the new residential market for wooden frame homes in line with sustainable development standards.


Monte Carlo Yacht SPA is created, with this subsidiary in charge of developing a new range of large yachts (power-boats over 15 meters).

First BH plant is built in Chaize le Vicomte. This modern plant, with its integrated high-quality environmental approach, has an annual production capacity of 600 houses. Economicaly accessible, these wooden frame houses are in line with sustainable development standards.


BH Les herbiers Val de la Pelliniere
BH has delivered its first buildings
Seven houses (four rooms) and seven houses (three rooms) have been installed in "Val de la Pelliniere" - Les Herbiers (85) during the firt quarter. Their energy performances reach BBC label (low energy consumption).


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Друзья и партнеры SimpleSail, видео

Друзья и партнеры SimpleSail, видео

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История верфи Beneteau

История верфи Beneteau

История BENETEAU началась более столетия тому назад на причале Круа-де-Ви в р-не Вандэ (Croix-de-Vie, en Vend?e).

SimpleSail – Ваша чартерная команда!

SimpleSail – Ваша чартерная команда!

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